We Said YES!

We are a family that says YES!  We make decisions with our hearts.  We are open.  We are kind.  We see the glass as half-full.  We love hard and we empathize.  We listen.  We care.  We feel all the feels.

We are a family that believes travel helps us be our best.  It inspires us.  It lights new fires and helps us see the world with a new perspective.

Nothing brings us more joy then experiencing new things, meeting new people and giving our boys the opportunity to see the world - or even our own backyard - in a new light.

After living in NY & LA, I have called Minneapolis home for most of my 30's.  And I love it here.  But I also always have an itch for more.  It's simply in my DNA.  More scares me.  More is unnerving.  But I crave it just the same.

I'm lucky enough to be married to the sweetest, most lovely human that happens to also have the word "Global" in front of his title.  His job has always involved a bit of travel for him in the last few years and the possibility to live overseas one day.  I always tease him that I want to move to Scandinavia, as it is continually listed as one of the happiest places to live in the world.  So, when Steve sent me a text saying we needed to talk in person - I couldn't stop myself...


Turns out it wasn't Sweden.  Instead there was an opportunity in Asia.  Without skipping a beat - I said YES!  From there he interviewed, we waited and just recently, he was formally extended an offer for a two year assignment in Tokyo.

In a matter of days, we de-cluttered our house, met with a realtor, told the boys and my job.  Now it is time to countdown as we plan for a March departure.

I told Steve that if I won the lottery and I could have any gift on the planet - this would be it.  I honestly feel so damn lucky and beyond hashtag grateful.  Tokyo, here we come.


Melissa BertlingComment