Hi! We're The Bertlings


We are a Minnesotan family excited to explore the world.



I'm a lover of all things, an eternal optimist and someone who will never stop asking...what's next?

I spent my 20's in New York and Los Angeles and my 30's in Minneapolis, at ad agencies building the world's biggest brands. 

Now, I am ready to try new things and turn up the volume on life…all while being present, grateful and building on the amazing foundation I’m lucky enough to call mine.



He is our rock.  Strong, steadfast and full of love.  He makes all decisions with thoughtfulness and always has our best interest in mind.  He's charismatic with a magnetic personality.  I love snuggling into him at the end of the day and have never once questioned that he is my soul mate.  



At four years old, he is kind, warm and caring.  He is full of questions and happily goes with flow.  He's an old soul that loves just about everything and wakes up every day ready to see all the good in the world.  



At two years old, he is a lover, spunky and determined.  He will look you in the eye and say "no" and in the same second, hug you with all of his being.  He is a force and I can't wait to see where his boldness takes him.



He became part of my world when I was still single.  He has been by my side through moves, a boyfriend turned husband and the birth of my boys.  He is the protector of our pack and what has brought me the most tears as he can't travel to Japan with us (180 day quarentine.)  Instead, he is moving to London to live with my sister who will be home on maternity leave with twins for a year.  We always thought he had a bit of an English accent.

Photography: Jessie Sandager

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