Telling The Boys


I went back and forth on the best way to share our news.  Should I tell them sooner or later?  How do I position it?  How much should they know?  I thought all those things for all of 10 minutes, before it came blurting out of my mouth: Hey boys.  Guess what?  We are moving to Tokyo!

Chase is too little to get it, but he sure is cute when he says "Tokyo".

Anders is starting to get it and is authentically excited. I think it is because we are authentically excited too.  It is wild to think that at this point in his life, adventures like this feel normal as he has no baseline to compare it to. 

They are the most excited to ride Go Karts in the street and eat rainbow cotton candy, thanks to this BuzzFeed video - which they have watched approximately 20 times by now.  Oh, and bunk beds.  Lots of excitement around bunk beds.

Melissa Bertling