Home Sweet Tokyo


Well, we are home.  Home in Tokyo.

This city is peaceful and safe and clean.  But also vibrant and exhilarating and fascinating.  We are teaching the boys that just because something is different doesn’t mean it is weird.  It is simply another way of doing things  - and it actually makes you question what we do back in the states.  Hello, toilets!

In the 3 weeks we have been here we are learning about the Japanese way of doing things which means you follow the rules.  When the light is red, you don’t cross the street.  When your 2-year-old rides the train, you don't let him put his feet on the seat (or you will be reminded).  When you have trash, you take it with you - no matter how smelly the diaper. BUT it’s these rules that make this place so amazing.  It makes the trains run on time and a crowded city so beautifully liveable.  

I was just telling Steve yesterday that I have seen zero signs from the boys that they have even experienced a transition whatsoever.  They love the scooters and the bike and the stroller and the train.  They are so great with wanting to try new foods and see new things.  But then today, on our way to school Anders stopped on his scooter mid-way to tell me that no one wants to be his friend - so I guess yes, there has been a transition. It’s so heart-breaking but I know eventually it will build great character. 

I have been trying to make some new friends myself and figure out what life for our family should look like here.  The biggest adjustment for me has been not working.  It has been the biggest gift ever to have this time with my boys but I also loved the energy I received from my work. Without work stress I have found myself feeling present and relaxed.  It’s a vacation state of mind, which is lovely, but I sometimes crave that extra bolt of adrenaline you get from an all-agency brainstorm or a big presentation you rocked.  So, I am in process of trying to figure out how to live my best life every day. 

It’s funny how priorities shift as a mom and I’ve spent the first few weeks here discovering playgrounds and schools and kid-friendly places to eat.  Now, I am starting to figure out where to shop for day-to-day stuff.  And then I will allow myself to become a full-on tourist and see all there is to see.  Yet, as I watch this video, it gives me such great perspective and reminds me that we are rocking this!

Without a doubt we will fall madly in love with this city.  It’s truly incredible.  So funny to think that I knew nothing about Tokyo before I shouted “YES" to calling it home.  And it is becoming just that - home sweet home.