Future Focused

This week, the moving momentum has started to pick up.  We are T-minus 2 weeks from Tokyo.  


I sold my car.  In less than an hour.

On Monday I sold my car.  In less than hour.  I chalked it up to the universe giving me yet another sign that this was all meant to be because everything is falling so beautifully into place.  (Or, maybe it is simply the fact that I priced it too low. I mean it was a 2007 with a big dent in the side from us hitting a pole as we went to pay for parking at the airport ramp.)

As I drove to the DMV to sign over the title, I took a moment to reflect on all the big life moments that happened in that car.  I asked it to be please be good to the next sweet family that will call it theirs and then sent it on its way.   

And each day I bring more and more things to Goodwill or sell them on Facebook Marketplace.  The amount of things we own is getting smaller and smaller.  My things will become other people’s things and they will attach their own memories to them.  And now I am only surrounded by things I truly love. 


Keeping only the items that bring us joy.

Even Anders has gone through his toys with me and created four bags that we can “bring to the babies” at his school.  We take a moment to see how happy these toys make those kiddos.  And now he actually has a new appreciation for the toys he does have, cause he can actually see them instead of them being buried at the bottom of his toy boxes.

These acts of letting go of stuff has made me realize that while I am a sentimental person, it is in my nature to be more future focused.  While I cherish and give gratitude for all the amazing things I have experienced and items I have had a chance to live with, I spend a majority of my time focused on what could be, rather than on what was.  

Here’s to the awesomeness to come.

Melissa BertlingComment