Saying Goodbye To Our Home


Home is where the heart is...

...and for the last 4+ years, our heart has been in a suburb about 20 minutes north of the Twin Cities.  All my life, I said I wanted to live in an "architecturally significant home", but I didn't know what I really meant.  At the time Steve & I were living in a Duplex in Uptown Minneapolis.  Above us lived 4 boys who smoked a lot of pot and played a lot of video games (with the subwoofer turned way up.)  They were as nice as could be, always extending an offer to come join them, which we politely turned down again and again.  But as soon as Anders was in my belly we knew it was time to move out.  We were about to give up our search when one night Steve turned to me in bed and showed me his computer saying, " I think you would like this one."  I started crying.  This was our home.  


The Exterior


The Upstairs


The Kitchen


The Bathrooms


The Downstairs

As we set off on this adventure, saying goodbye to this home is hard.  Not only because of its beauty and incredible energy but because it is now filled with memories.  This is the house I brought my boys home to.  And this is the house now filled with echoes of laughter and love and friends and family. 

Thank you for everything, sweet house.  You will always be a favorite chapter in my life.



Hello, Tokyo.

Photography: Edina Realty

Melissa Bertling